Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Note to Doug:

I'm glad you asked. In convenient bullet point format:

-Only during offseason (~Jun-Aug) and January: “transfer windows”

-Sometimes loans within a country to a lower league are allowed outside windows

-New team is buying out remainder of player’s contract with current team. Then player and new team must agree to new contract

-This is always with player consent, so they can’t just ship your ass off to the Mariners like in MLB

-Sometimes contracts will have a fixed buyout price; otherwise it is whatever the teams agree to.

-In a cup competition (Champions League, etc.) player can only play for one team, even if he later transfers.

-Six months before a contract ends, a player can negotiate with other teams for a new contract after current contract ends.

-Once a contract is up, a player can sign with any team they want without owing the previous team anything

-MLS has a vastly different system since they claim all teams are a single entity for business purposes.

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Note to Brian:

For the life of me, I still can't figure out transfers, the Transfer Period, and player movement in general in European football. Any chance you can give me a primer?

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