Friday, October 10, 2008

Note to the football fan with an MD:

Please help elaborate

Grapefruits? Really?

Beep Should I make a low ball (tee hee) offer for him in my fantasy league Beep
Note to Pammy:

Not all of us were invited to said meeting.

Beep just saying beep


Note to Brian and Dr. Nick

That sounds delicious. I am going to make one tonight.

Beep beep.
Note to PPF:

You forgot to mention the good doctor's invention:

The Sarah Palin:

3 parts vodka
2 parts amaretto
mix with ice, top off with milk

Beep Beep.
Note to the rest of you:

I have 4 of the 11 Beep Beep contributors in my living room. And Kate doesn't count.

Beep Beep

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Note to everyone:

Depressing realization.
My high school, college, and NFL teams are a combined 1-11, with no real hope in sight.

Adding in the local college team that I loved growing up, that sad total falls to 1-16.

3 of these teams have a real chance to not win a single game this season.

Furthermore, after last weekend, I cannot even credibly argue that my team is at least better than Dr. Nick's beloved Fins, who just last year nearly went winless, and who's only major offseason acquisitions were Jake Long and Chad Pennington, who we can all agree is terrible.

I can't wait for this football season to end and for the basketball season to... oh yeah...

Well, Spring Training is only 5 months away... ugh.

Beep At what point should someone just give up on sports in general? Beep
Note to football fans:

You know it's a bad day for your football team when these are the comparative "Top Performers" mid way through the 4th quarter:

Beep also if the letters SEA are anywhere near your team name Beep

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Note to

Really? "Tailgate toss"?

Beep Ronnie Brown for MVP!! beep!