Saturday, June 21, 2008

Note to Fans of White Russians:

I believe we should all be making plans to visit the Shattucks in KY at a time that would conveniently correspond to this.

Beep beep.
Note to Millerstock Attendees:

I regret to inform you that there is absolutley no way I (or Cory) will be attending Millerstock this year as we have a can't-miss family event that weekend for my dad's business. It involves a retirement party for a very close family friend who is also dying of cancer...
So someone will have to consume our share of the bourbon and meat.

Beep Yeah, I know, way to bring everyone down. Sorry. beep.
Note to Sky:

She probably needs a new turkey baster...

Beep im sorry...I couldnt resist...beep.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Note to Sky:

"Artificially" my ass! Hi five, Papa Sky!!

Beep BTW, I officially matched here at BI for my heme/onc fellowship, thereby cementing my residence as a Bostonite through at least June 2012 beep!
Note to Pam:

You are damn straight I helped Rickroll those fools at Shea Stadium. It's the least I could do after they tried to pass off "Sweet Caroline" as the 8th inning song last season.

Beep I love how the PA announcer admits that they got Rick-rolled B33p
Note #2 to Doug:

Unless you buy exclusively organic, I'd lay off the Iowa farmers.

Beep Beep
Note to Doug:

Did you do this?

(scroll down past the first two paragraphs...)

Here's a link to the fan reaction.

Beep no really, here it is Beep

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Note to Sky, Bearer of Gifts and Shots:

She probably registered at Kids 'R Us or Amazon. You should be able to look her up, and then just buy something off of that.

Beep beep!
Note to advice givers, probably the women:

What do I bring to a baby shower for a single, artificially-inseminated, 40 year old woman? (All the guests will be in the 35 to 55 year old range.)

Beep shutup, Brian Beep
Note to all:

Benefit #4 of merely having a part time job -- buzzed by mid-afternoon on a weekday.

Benefit #9 of merely having a part time job -- invited out by attractive 23 year-olds for their bar-hopping birthday parties.

Down-side #29,843 of merely having a part time job -- will need to pandle-handle to afford Jager-bomb-laden birthday night out with attractive 23 year-olds.

Beep actually motived to work more, don't worry Beep
Note to answer questions:

Frank, have Doug send you a copy of the MS2k7 DVD.

Brian, I'm completely revamping the cups algorithm for 2k8 and haven't yet started playing with Excel. But cornhole is basically the same game without the gradually shrinking target.

Doug, do we have a preliminary head count?

Beep jazz fest Beep

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Note to Iowa farmers:

If you didn't insist on environmentally destructive, industrial-style pig farming, maybe this wouldn't happen when the Mississippi floods.

Beep And while you're at it, stop it with the antibiotics, too Beep
Note to Brian:

I call that Tuesday.

Beep In all seriousness, there is currently 1/8 of a purebred Scottish Highland cow in various freezers at my house Beep

Monday, June 16, 2008

Note to Frank:

I give you MillerStock 2K6: Only the Strong Survive.

A great set. A classic. Enjoy.

B33p B33p
Note to Frank:

I would practice consuming vast volumes of bourbon and enormous quantities of meat.

Beep If you don't do that already. Beep.
Note to attendees of MillerStocks past:

Can someone point me to pictures or other documentation of the happenings from MillerStocks of previous years? Facebook or Flickr albums, perhaps?

I'm curious as to what I should be expecting as a MillerStock Virgin.

Beep Who's up for kicking it in NYC the weekend before MillerStock? Beep
Note to Sky and those that actually want to attend Millerstock instead of coming up with various excuses:

What is the current status of the cups spreadsheet? Can it be adapted to cornhole?

Beep Beep.
Note to Brian:

On a weekday during the day? Probably not, unless I wind up with some extra summer flex days I need to use up. After work? Sure.

Beep how about this weekend? Beep
Note to Brian:

A Tuesday BBQ? Sounds delicious. And most likely four hours too far from where I am. But you never know, so keep me in the loop.

Beep I have to move by the end of the month -- anyone wanna come help? Beep
Note to All:

45 Days until MillerStock 2K8: Revenge of the Meat.

Still waiting for Janel to tell her job that she has a required meat-based conditioning regimen -- that she absolutely cannot miss -- in western NY that weekend.

Beep By the way, if you haven't heard it looks like we will be Kate-less this year Beep

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Note to Sky:

"Offsite team building activity"

Beep Also easier than trying to coordinate people's weekend schedules during the summer. Beep.
Not to Brian:

If it's in Rochester or Blue Mountain Lake, yes.

Beep don't you have to work? Beep