Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Note to Rochesterians:

Next time we're in the Rochacha, can we please please please go to this?

Beep Put another nickel in, in the elementary school music teacher was 80, so I should be all set Beep

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Note to Sky:

Hi. My name is Matt. Nice to meet you.

Beep You would think my dancing partner would know me better... beep!
Note to Brian:

Exactly -- unfortunately flashy. Or flashily unfortunate. Or something to that effect that makes more sense.

Beep Nobody told me to bring my ark to MA Beep
Note to Sky:

According to, Mr. Wegman's usual attire is either "flashy" or "unfortunate" in quality. Based on your recent close encounter, can you confirm or deny this rumor?

Beep There's also a wiki on "Abandoned Penfield Rinky Dink mini golf course" beep