Saturday, February 23, 2008

Note to Matt, Pam, Kate, Brian, Cory, and Janel:

Join the other beep-beepers in a fantasy baseball league. Two selling points:

- You can harass Frank and Doug in yet another arena.
- Jen has promised to drunkenly berate everybody during the draft again this year.

Click here to join league #110714 with password "nintendo".

Beep Dr. Nick, commence baseball slurs Beep

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Note to all:

This showed up in my inbox, take your best shot at coming up with a funny interpretation:

"I work with Tawny Peaks at UNX Rehab. Cru Jones and I would like to come at 7:30am perhaps Friday this week to look at the Maine vest. Would that work for you?? Thank you, Dianne Holtz, PT"

Beep Names changed to protect the (possibly) innocent. Beep.
Note to Dr. Nick/all:

I would like to get in on the geek discussion and point out that the location of the carotid artery also put the skate blade in very close proximity to his trachea. Having your trachea sliced open is never good either. He is one lucky dude, or the guy who fell is very precise...

Beep I still don't understand why these guys chose not to wear neck guards (or face shields for that matter) I guess risking getting your neck gutted makes you badass beep.