Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Note to everyone:

Depressing realization.
My high school, college, and NFL teams are a combined 1-11, with no real hope in sight.

Adding in the local college team that I loved growing up, that sad total falls to 1-16.

3 of these teams have a real chance to not win a single game this season.

Furthermore, after last weekend, I cannot even credibly argue that my team is at least better than Dr. Nick's beloved Fins, who just last year nearly went winless, and who's only major offseason acquisitions were Jake Long and Chad Pennington, who we can all agree is terrible.

I can't wait for this football season to end and for the basketball season to... oh yeah...

Well, Spring Training is only 5 months away... ugh.

Beep At what point should someone just give up on sports in general? Beep

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