Thursday, October 25, 2007

Note to all:

Chuck Klein? Black.

Beep Ok, not really, but he did have a 176 OPS+ in '33, which is almost as good. Beep.
Note to the wimenz:

Sexy mustard!

beep beep
Note to Brookliners:

When dispatched to the scene of a turkey . . . You guys better watch out! Maybe sic your giant cat on them.

Beep I'm serious, it says that right in the article! beep!
Note to baseball fans:

This use of the K signs in the outfield at Fenway last night was brilliant.

B33p Did he really earn four backwards K's? B33p

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Note to Kentucky wedding crashers:

Beep ZZ! Beep
Note to all,

You heard it here first: The Ted Ginn Jr. era begins today!

Beep Throwing the SHOCKER to the cheatin' Pats beep!
Note to Excel Users:

Top 10 Excel Functions/Tips:
  1. pivot tables
  2. VLOOKUP()
  3. defining named dynamic ranges with OFFSET()
  4. MATCH() -- like HGH for VLOOKUP()
  5. autofilter
  6. create easy html tables with concatenation
  7. escape characters in text strings: ", '
  8. Solver (Beirut rankings!)
  9. TEXT()
  10. imbed flash games that are banned by internet filters
Beep Excel Rulz Beep