Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Note to Tony LaRussa:
CC: You all

I, Frank Yoshida, will maintain a vegetarian diet and eat nothing that harms animals in any way, if you, a noted PETA member who has campaigned often for vegetarianism, agree to sign on to manage my beloved Seattle Mariners as rumored by Buster Olney for the past two days.

While, I understand that I shouldn't "expect" a championship if you sign, per se, I have seen what you have done in your previous two stops and would certainly have an expectation that you may reach similar heights again.

Thank you.

Beep Ichiro = Rickey, Adam Jones = Hendu, Beltre = Carney Lansford, Yuni = Walt Weiss Beep
Note to Rochester sports fans:

"At least the Bills are consistent."

Beep Lead sentence in a BM nugget. Beep

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Note to WD:

Since it's apparently beat-up-on-Doug day, I'll take this opportunity to chastize you for not hyperlinking that page. Since you've taken me to task for that in the past....

Beep Beep

Monday, September 17, 2007

Note to Doug:

Only since you brought it up and all, you could have Wikipedia'd Marc Ecko, and also that vote - or you could have clicked on the link at the bottom of the page *you linked to* which leads to a clip of him explaining that yes, it is for reals - on the Today show. For the record, Marc Ecko founded EckoRed clothing. He was profiled in the NY Times Magazine a couple of years ago. He's pretty famous. And easily Googled.

Beep coffee hadn't kicked in yet, eh hoser? beep
Note to all:

I have been properly chastised for not knowing who Strunk is/was. I apologize greatly for not being intimately familiar with this titan of stylistic content and guidelines. On the upside, at least I now understand Frank's beep beep. And it was actually funny!

Beep Yes, I know I should Wikipedia everything before asking questions just to be safe, but I forgot Beep
Note to Baseball fans (and pop culture followers):

Is this for reals?

Also, who is this Marc Ecko character?

Beep I voted to blast it into outer space Beep
Note to Frank:

Who the hell is "Strunk"?

B33p B33p