Friday, September 14, 2007

Note to Jen:

Depends on what's being exchanged.

Beep I almost went with "Depends on the fluctuations" but that seemed too cerebral for a Friday Beep
Note to humankind:

I am very sorry if Doug ends up buying and wearing a kilt.

Beep Frank's a smart'un! Perfect! Beep
Note to Strunk & Liz:


Beep Beep
Note to the boys:

Liz makes a good point. If a poor danceur contacte has to go home with marks all over her ass, at the very least, make sure they're twoney shaped, you cheap bastards.

Beep What's the exchange rate on a lapdance, anyway? Beep

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Note to Frank:

Never did get that style guide, did you.

Beep beep
Note to Doug:

If you do load up on dollar coins from the Penn Station machines as advised, please remember to throw underhand while in the finer Toronto establishments. Nobody likes the feeling of metal being pegged at their bare ass, not even Canadian strippers.

Beep beep!
Note to Liz:

Oooo! A cookie. I like cookies...

Beep Stop getting distracted -- pay attention to my riveting and exceptionally important emails :P Beep

Baseball fever. Catch it.

(From yesterday's Nationals/Marlins game)

Beep Are you ready for some football!?!? Beep