Friday, August 24, 2007

Note to children of the 80s:

NBC's bringing back American Gladiators. Unfortunately, they plan on bringing a reality TV slant by following the personal lives of the gladiators and sharing the contestants' back stories.

Beep Will Skye be back? Beep
Notes to all and all again:

I am now the king of the fresh food bar at Weggies. Yes, I had to re-define a couple life goals to accept that.

I miss the feed. I don't mind refraining from posting nudie pictures of Doug and all last names/identifying information.

Jen, you get your style guide if you make the Dorthwoth playoffs.

Doug, guess I'm too late on football advice. If not, modifying rankings based on league rules is really important.

Doug and Liz, just don't BOTH die, deal?

Doug, I'm saving up my taunts in order to justify the kickass victory dance/feast/virginal sacrifice I have planned.

Pam, where are you going on your cat-getting honeymoon?

Beep Go Bills Beep

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Note to Doug:

I don't really care about the RSS feed, but I do hate having to log in so many times. Oh, and thanks for the blog check in. My cell phone number is 646-761-9122. =) But to answer your questions, Boston's ok, maybe I'll go to the beach this weekend, and although I never see Matt on weekdays, he actually gets both weekend days off on this rotation.

Oh, and we got two cats, and my conscience wouldn't let me send the following email, despite Liz's thumbs up:

TO: everyone



Matt and I just got.....

two cats.

Beep Beep

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Note to the PPF:

How are things going in Boston? Is work okay? Do you see much of Matt?

Beep Just wanted to check in on you Beep
Note to Sky:

Have you given up reading the Beep Beep? I know that Wegmans has killer hours, but show us a little love here! Oh, and while you're at it, would you please talk some shit to your brother in brother in our lovely NL-only league that you founded for (if memory serves) the express purpose of shit-talking?! I mean, you've been in first for weeks and all you can do is mekely taunt when taunted at. You're the commish. You're better than that.

Beep Oh yeah, Liz and Pam want the RSS feed back, so please weigh in Beep

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Note to Frank:

I can crush it.

Beep it is this big Beep
Note to Frank:

Uhhh... didn't you say something to the effect of "game on?" Was that just posturing? How much fun do I need to make of Seattle and its "super tiny space needle" to bait you into posting?

Beep And while you're at it make the next poll! =) Beep
Note to Sky:

Given the injury-racked summers that Liz and I have both had (see: broken hand, broken toe, numerous scars, etc.), what do you think the chances are of us surviving Saturday's boat-based wedding reception without at least one of us receiving a a major flesh wound or taking an unexpected dip in the river?

Beep I'm thinking no better than 50/50, but I figured I should defer to the stats guy Beep
Note to Doug:

I'm right here, you know. I can hear you.

Beep Finally starting to rethink that all-Bills drafting strategy, eh? Beep

Monday, August 20, 2007

Note to Sky and Matt Y:

My fantasy football draft is next Wednesday, and as per normal I am trying to skate through it without doing much of my own research or planning (aside from buying plenty of whiskey for the event). So -- any thoughts on sleepers I should look for and people that must be taken within teh first two rounds?

Beep Jen's in my league, so make sure she doesn't find out I asked you guys Beep
Note to Sky and Brian:

I agree with Liz and Pam, and am willing to declare this attempt at securing our identities and making sure that we are electable in our old age a failure. Frank and Jen don't yet have voting privileges, and Kate... well, you know... so anyhow, if you guys agree then we can bring sexy (our RSS feed) back. What do you want to do?

Beep This is the lamest beep beep thread ever, so lets finish this and move on to funnier things. Like the Seahawks chances of making the playoffs. Beep
Note to LizMc:

Agreed. My gmail name is way too long and I am lazy and hate signing in. While that doesn't stop me from posting occasionally, I suspect that some of the members of this blog are even lazier than I. Down with Doug! The revolution will not be blogged!

Beep Remember the Maine! Beep
Note to all:

I fear that the restriction of readers to the blog, and therefore the de facto dismantling of the feed system, has directly led to a dwindling number of posts and, worse still, rampant boredom within the ranks! I call for an overthrow of the WD Regime and a reinstatement of the feed! Long live the Beep Beep!

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!