Friday, August 10, 2007

Note to all:

I'm here.
Game On.

Beep Frank Frank Frank Beep
Note to everyone:

How did I not realize the football preseason had started until I saw Indy / Dallas on the screen at a bar? How did Matt not realize he was months behind in buying and obsessing over his football magazines? I can only assume the perfidious influence of this town's Red Sox obsession has scrambled our brains.

Beep Eli Sucks! Beep
Note to Many:

I have a job. Wegmans' new hire orientation starts in an hour.

Beep Doug, write about baseball/football/hockey from a smart, emotional fan's perspective, but without numbers. Kate has no clue -- we'll hear about it when/if she remembers, though. Evidently you can vote in the poll multiple times if you log in on different computers. Beep

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Note to Matty Y:

The first TMQ of the season is up. Are you ready for some football? And while you're at it, I haven't been sleeping too well as of late. Any suggestions?

Beep Seriously, it's like my body only wants naps right now Beep
Note to Sky:

You think that Kate has any idea that she is a constant source of entertainment for our little posting group?

B33p No, I don't think she remembers she's on this either B33p

Monday, August 06, 2007

Note to Doug:

You should wax eloquent about this picture:That's gotta be worth at least 1,000 words of bad poetry.

Beep oh noetry! beep
Note to Creative Types:

So I've decided I want to start writing again (as if I don't do enough writing for work), and am looking for ideas about what I should write about. I've considered restarting FBM or getting back into writing poetry, though FBM by myself would probably get old quick and my poetry is sure to suck (at least at first) so I doubt I'd want to post it. Any suggestions?

Beep Yes, Matt, we all know you can't read or write unless medicine or football is involved Beep
N0te to All:

I love the poll. But I do miss the author list. Can't we somehow make them work together, here on the Internets?

Beep Can Frank really be more now if he can't be bothered to make 30 seconds posts a few times a week? Beep