Friday, August 03, 2007

Note to campers:

I'm likely headed up to my grandmother's camp in the Adirondacks next weekend. If anyone happens to be up for a drive, you're invited.

Beep I love 95 and humid Beep
Note to WD:

I believe "daring someone" was how I wound up having whipped cream licked off me by a very tall gay man.

Beep Sad you missed that one, Matty? Beep

P.S.: Sorry, very tall regular man

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Note to all:

There's a big wasp in my bedroom, and something in the extra room just moved. Hold me.

Beep where's my roommate?? beep!
Note to Liz:

Apparently all you need to do is dare the boys and you can get what you want. You know, assuming that's what you want.

Why people have sex- a totally legit NYTimes Article... no, seriously

Beep Males will occasionally have sex merely because the opportunity presents itself?! GASP! Beep
Dear food team:

I would like to propose that all bread products served at Millerstock 2k8 be infused with mapley goodness. I will even volunteer to stay sober enough to prevent self immolation during designated cooking times in order to help make this happen.

Beep beep!
Note to Doug:

There's someone named "Rubber Buns"? I guess I'm okay with that, as long as I'm still the only "Bubble Butt" in your life.

Beep my hips don't lie! beep!
Note to all:

What's an RSS feed, and can I put hot sauce on it?

Beep Matty hungry beep!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Note to Sky:

Why was your existence going unacknowledged? Was it due to some triangle defense faux-pas? The fact that your grasp on first is a tenuous 1/2 game over your brother? The result of a drive-by cone-ing?

Beep I really haven't done a drive-by cone-ing in a while... that could be fun Beep
Note to Doug:

Just trying to keep up on this riveting RSS feed saga. I can post more once I climb back off the edge of my seat.

Beep I suppose this means I have to start acknowledging Sky's existence again Beep
Note to Brian and Sky:

Making our beep beep actions readable only by authors and invited guests seems to have disabled the RSS feed. Which I guess makes sense. But my question is -- is this an acceptable trade-off? I kind of like my RSS feeds...

Beep Jen, you're making me look bad -- accept your invite and make a post already :) Beep

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Note to Jen:

Nice to meet you, Miz Buns, if that *is* your real name.

Beep Who's coy? And what is this "sarcasm" I keep hearing about the kids using these days beep?
Note to Liz:

Not nice to be coy about new members of the Beep Beep. I mean, I know you don't remember much of Friday, but I don't believe for a second that you don't remember ALL of MillerStock. Plus she'll post more than Kate does...

Beep She was Brian's partner, ring a bell much Beep
Note to Sky and long-winded W2:

Re: No. 1, who is this "Jen" person?

Beep It didn't tell me what to do with them, Schooler beep!
Note to All:

Several things of interest on the Beep Beep blog front, all of which I'll take care of b/c Sky made me an admin sometime long long ago. And probably regrets it.

1. I am inviting one Jen Adams, a.k.a., Rubber Buns and Liquor, to join the Beep Beep blog. Most of you know her from her fine work in verbal and written sarcasm in New York City over the last year, or from her stellar performance at MillerStock 2k7: Los Dos Vomitos. If you want to check up on some of her previous work, she posts to her own snarky blog here, and to a hockey blog (yes, hockey) over here.

Sky pointed out that she doesn't know Frank and Matty, and might not know Pam and Liz that well despite the MillerStock action, but he didn't exercise veto power, so she's in.

2. To make Brian happy, I am switching access to this blog to authors and authorized personnel only. To get a lurker friend of yours added to the authorized list, just ask Sky or I.

3. I'm going to spearhead the Frank situation by re-inviting his ass and then sending him a snarky email and text message combination. If that doesn't get him moving, I will move on to voicemail taunting and text message bombing. Heh heh heh.

4. I'll try to post something ridiculously funny tonight. So funny it will make Matty snarf milk out of his tampon holder nose.

I think that's it. Now I am going to follow thru on the above action items and head home. Some of the Hello Kitchen people are headed to Luna Park for drinks and dinner. I hate that place, but I might join them anyways. Or maybe I'll do something totally cool I haven't even thought of yet...

Beep I know D. Nick hates long beep beep posts, but he can suck it Beep
Note to Liz:

Your guide to dating didn't tell you about hook-up privileges?

Beep I hope Nina's marriage goes to hell Beep
Note to Jen (et al):

I have hook up privileges? Why didn't anybody alert me to this sooner?

Beep Boston :( beep
Notes to Doug:

1) I don't see Jen on the list to the right.

2) As was discussed the last day of millerstock, I have not hooked up with any member of the McK___ family, or with Jen for that matter. FcSter is not likely to cut me off.

3) Therefore, that is an empty threat.

Beep Unrelated question: should we think about moving this to another platform? Beep.
Note to Jen:

Doug said he's going to revoke your hookup privileges if your fantasy baseball team continues to suck.

Beep I HATE how that threat totally only works in one direction. Damn you, women. Beep
Note to All:

I've been put on notice by Jen that unless we all want our hook-up privileges revoked immediately, that we need to stop talk about D & D and go back to being funny. I take this as a challenge and can't wait to bring the pain. As soon as I sober up from last night.

Beep Can somebody just email Frank and tell him to start Beep Beeping? Beep