Friday, May 18, 2007

Note to Doug:

Clearly, it's "Wang, Pettitte, Rocket's going to show up whenever he damn well feels like itte."

Beep Fort Myers Miracle? That's the BoSox affiliate, right? beep!
Note to all:

Doug said "petite wang". Heh heh! Who has a petite wang, Doug?

Beep beep
Note to Sky, Brian, Liz, and Kate:

Here's the way the rotations are lined up for this weekend's Subway Series:

Friday: Andy Pettitte vs. Oliver Perez
Saturday: Darrell Rasner vs. Tom Glavine
Sunday (ESPN's 8pm Game): Tyler Clippard vs. John Maine

Is the Yankees rotation now officially "Petite, Wang, and Pray for a Hurricane?" (Yes, I know that rhyme is a little rough -- work with me here.)

Beep I was just kidding about the "Kate" part. She totally hasn't read this blog in months Beep

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Note to Schwee that I meant to do yesterday:

You know that this thing is on the internet and anyone or google robots can read it, right?

Beep Beep.
Note to baseball fans:

I'm not saying that it's Scrubby McBack-up day at Shea, but here's today's starting line-up for Mets:

Chavez CF
Gotay SS
Green RF
Delgado 1B
Franco 3B
Newhan 2B
Castro C
Gomez LF
Vargas SP

Beep Franco is seriously playing third base? Beep

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Note to Brian:

No, no distinct coffee taste, but still extremely tasty.

By the way, casual-sex-but-not-dateable Amy claims you and/or Dr. Nick implied she could take the food...

Oh, and my forks just walked in the door.

Beep Burgers are finally gone Beep
Note to Sky:

Did it still not taste like coffee, even a little bit?

Also, aren't your forks with the cheese?

Beep Beep.
Note to meat lovers:

That chuck roast "steak" turned out quite well, fyi. It cut with a fork for dinner last night. Well, done Brian, and whoever picked out that fine fresh beef.

Beep I still don't have my cheese back Beep

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Note to Brian:

For once I am not feeling lazy...

Beep Down is good for Sox Beep
Note to W:

Don't make me pull out the 2004 Red Sox/Yankees win probability graph.

Beep Mostly, because I am too lazy to do so. Beep
Note to Western New York Sports Fans:

Thank god the Knighthawks came through last weekend, because the Sabres are breaking my spirit right now. Seriously.

Beep Did they not get the memo about the power play being important? Beep

Monday, May 14, 2007

Note to Road Warriors:

Casualties of the weekend include:
Vicki's wallet,
My sense of balance,
Brian's electricity (and rapport with his neighbors),
Sky's anonymity in his own building,
The arms I chose not to protect with sunblock, but chose as the perfect option for the wiping of my sunblock-covered hands,
Three garbage plates,
and My Left Blinker.

Beep good job!beep
Note to many:

When schuey and I were surveying the meat situation, we found a chuck roast labeled as "fresh beef." Did one of the neighbors sneak in and switch it with the steaks?

Beep 6:30ish Beep.