Friday, May 11, 2007

Note to roadtrippers:

I *may* have broken my toe this morning. Dr. Nick says he'll heal me when he gets home, but how much trust do we all have in that? Anyway, I just wanted to let you know this will not stop me from:
  • Admiring the lilacs
  • Drinking beer (I'll just need more of it)
  • Watching the Redwings game
  • etc. etc

...but I may just do these things with a limp. Also, wherever we watch the ballgame, i request that we have in-shell peanuts so Sky and I can continue our intrepid inquiries into whether all the salty goodness is on the outside of the shell or if somehow some of it permeates the inner nut itself.

Beep Ow. Beep

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Note to Pammy and Matty and Dougie:

I'm excited to see the new Guitar Hero skills. You do have new Guitar Hero skills, right?

Beep Bark at the Moon Beep
Note to native Rochesterians:

If it's that important to you, why don't we watch it at one of the five bars we're supposedly attempting to visit?

Beep Flower City beep!
Note to Rochester Visitors:

Game 2 of the Sabres series is Saturday at 2pm. We WILL be watching. The question is... where?

Brian, do you get MSG HD? Is there a tv on Sky's roof? Will it be shown at the Lilac Festival?

Beep Go team Beep
Note to travelers:

Liz warned me to be ready. Here's a start -- fridge of Molson, blender, rum, clean apartment, three new roof friends.

Beep I love Roger Beep
Note to all:

Am I the only one disappointed that resident horse racing correspondent, Dr. Nick, provided us with absolutely no preview or analysis of the Kentucky Derby, instead spending Saturday pretending Mr. Ginn will somehow keep the fish out of third place ?

Beep Mint Juleps are such a waste of quality bourbon. Beep.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Note to Kate:

Just wanted to let you know that I now use your blog solely as a way to get to Kat's blog.

Beep Does Kate actually read this? beep!
Note to all:

For an interesting (non-baseball) read, check out this blog. It's written by the CEO of our hospital and has some interesting posts here and there.

Beep Sorry, I don't have a jackass comment this time beep!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Note to Doug:

I think I have come to accept that the devil's right arm will not be falling off Mr. Clemens any time soon, but I would be satisfied if the Yankees still missed the playoffs.

Beep And if "would rather watch whatever happens to be on CBS instead of answering the phone" isn't "hate," I don't know what is. Beep.
Note to Sky and Brian:

Hate might be a strong word, but I HATE Roger Clemens. HE's the overrated, overpaid ass-clown.

Beep Let the "Clemens' arm falls off but he still gets $20 million this year" countdown begin! Beep
Note to Matty Y., M.D.,

As a medical doctor, wouldn't you advice against spending your first round pick on someone who is ALREADY injured? It would seem to bode ill.

Beep 4 Days to Rochester Beep