Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Note to all:

Urgent question: When is Millerstock 2K7? I was sure I had this on my calendar...but I don't.

Beep The good doctor and I have purchased a grill! As Liz said, "yay meat!" Beep
Note to all:

New pimped out (1) Rochester drinking hotspot (2) : Sky's roof.

(1) When Sky installs the smoker/grill/fridge/kegerator/sink/bar/kiddie pool.

(2) If/When it warms up a bit more.

Beep Beep.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Note to all:

Name this fraternity basement.

Beep No, Brian. If it was Tabbard, you and I would be trying to steal something in the background Beep
Note to Matty Y:

Your 4 "Back to back to back to BACK!" text messages last night made my heart smile almost as much as watching the homeruns take place last night. Mainly because I never expected you to send a text about baseball. It is truly a banner day!

B33p B33p
Note to Sky (and Sky's Dad):

I have been living a lie. Ever since childhood I have believed that there were 8 ways to get on first without getting a hit (ignoring being a pinch runner). Then last night, Joe Morgan starts running his mouth about a batted ball hitting a runner during Sunday Night Baseball. To my disbelief, he stated that if a batted ball hits a runner in fair territory, the runner is out and the hitter is credited with a hit. "CREDITED WITH A HIT?," I wondered? Surely it cannot be. Assuming Joe Morgan is always wrong, I fired up my computer to prove him wrong. And what did I learn? Only that he is correct. My childhood faith in my coach shattered, I slunk off to bed.

So I say to thee, Sky Kalkman, why did you let this lie continue?! There are only SEVEN ways to get on first without a hit.

Beep I am so disillusioned Beep
Note to Dr. Nick:

Did Mr. Williams take four gravity bong hits last night, or did moving to Boston turn you into a baseball fan?

Beep I caught a glimpse of the dangerous and rare Sky the other night. Crikey! Beep.