Friday, April 20, 2007

Note to Brians:

Door number 1! Choose door number 1!

Beep Skies! beep!
Note to nonSkies:

Being that it will be a beautiful weekend in the Roc, I will likely attending a sporting match of the base ball variety. Shall I attempt the pop-in maneuver on the elusive Mr. Crotchester, or assume that he would prefer to be himself?

Beep Beep.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Note to Doug:

Sign me up for game 6 (if necessary).

Note to Pam:

Sky never returns phone calls. This makes it tough to schedule anything, including trips to Long Island (or Boston on days when it is snowing and no one with an outdoor related job is getting any work done). I threatened to make a style chart of the percentages of calls he answers, but that would take work, so it only exists in my head.

Beep Beep.
Note to Liz:

You really need to work on your Yahoo! Fantasy Sports avatar... or at least write a witty retort about it on the league message board for Jen and me.

Beep seriously, you are neither 12 years old, a boy, or a cancer patient yet your avatar is! Beep
Note to Pam:

Sky never returns calls. It's become his M.O.

Beep Ring Ring! Beep
Note to Matty Y and Liz:

Did you guys see this during yesterday's game? Hilarious!

Beep I want friendly strangers to give me tickets to the BoSox game! Beep
Multi-part note to many:
  1. Note to Doug: the kind stranger giving away tickets was sitting in a warm bar watching the marathon while the remains of a nor'easter passed outside and it was already partway into the 5th inning. So Bostonites are wimps is, I believe, the moral of the story. But generous ones.
  2. Note to people who aren't Sky: Why does Sky hate me? Why won't he return my calls? Why won't he discuss moving to Boston, coming to work at my company and getting me a fat referral bonus?
  3. Note to Sky: See above.

Beep Whew! Beep

Note to Brian:

Not only are Islanders tickets available, but I was there for last night's game!! It was a blast, except that I was a nervous wreck through the entire third period.

A few notes from the game:
1. It's loud in there. I'm not sure what it sounded like on TV, but introductions and the first period were two of the loudest things I have ever been apart of.
2. Turns out that there are, in fact, Isles fans.
3. They wouldn't show the reply of the non-penalty not called on Buffalo around the 17 minute mark of the third, or the called penalty on the Islanders about 45 seconds later that caused the fans to throw shit on the floor. So my question is -- how did those calls look on TV.

Beep Side Note: What overly generous stranger gave his Sox tickets to Matt and Liz yesterday?! I need more details Beep

Monday, April 16, 2007

Note to Doug:

Are Islanders tickets buyable?

I think it would take both kidneys to get Sabres tickets.

Beep Beep.