Friday, March 30, 2007

Note to sports fans:

My new favorite author is Chuck Klosterman and he's blogging the Final Four for Page 2.

Beep Seems like the kind of guy I mighet get sick of in two months, though Beep
Note to Brian:

Is Boof the Twins number 2 starter? Should this worry us?

Beep Fuck it, it's Boof-tastic Beep

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Note to Doug:

Was that before or after Tino Martinez ended genocide in Darfur?

Beep A little sitting in the bar waiting for them to change the channel Yankeeography factoid. Beep.
Note to baseball fans:

Did you guys know that the Yankees made a KILLING in the Randy Johnson and Sheffield trades? Apparently Cashman, while dealing from a position of no leverage, was able to fleece both the D-backs and the Tigers, AND secure the hand of the soon-to-be-divorced Steinbrenner daughter in one fell swoop.* Truly, this man is a god, and Theo and Omar but quake in his presence.

Beep Ya know Brian, these Yankees Spring Training Games ARE really informative Beep

* I had to look up "one feel swoop." Turns out it was used by the Bard in MacBeth, and means in "savage maneuver."
Note to travelers:

Another weekend to consider is memorial day weekend (May 25/26/27/28). Last you my sister held Nancy-fest on that weekend. This year she is making noises about doing it again. I have a wedding in Dirty Jerse on the 26th, but am planning to fly in for Sunday and Monday in Rochester. That weekend might even include a performance by Slightly Better than Bad at Nancy-fest. Just saying it's worth discussing.

Beep Either way, looks like some May in Rochester action Beep
Note to old people:

John Cusack peaked with Grosse Pointe Blank. It was all downhill from there.

Beep not to worry you, Douglas, or anything beep
Note to all:

I have class both those weekends, but that's because I have class most weekends. I'll consider skipping it if you'll make it worth my while . . .

Beep ooh, ow! beep

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Note to potential road-trippers:

The idea of a road trip to Rochacha, NY has been bandied about recently. I hereby suggest the weekend of May 12th or 19th, during the famed Lilac festival. Matt has been talking this thing up for years now.

Any takers?

Beep Beep
Note to Sky:

At first I was confused by your post. I thought to myself "That's weird, we were in the class of 1998." Then I read further and saw that the post was from "Molly T." This was also weird, as one would think it was Molly Teeter, from the class of 1997. Then I read further and decided that, yes, this was a blog for the class of 1997, AND you, Matty, Brad, Brian, Cory, and myself were all class of 1998. So basically, my questions is this: Do you have any date about OUR 10 year reunion? Or were you just scared b/c our reunion is quickly approaching?!

Beep This means we are almost as old as John Cusak in Grosse Point Blank Beep
Note to PHS grads:

Oh shit no.

Beep I'm sure Shefali's all over it Beep

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Note to Dr. Matty Y:

I hope you and Pam are enjoying the autographed Dolphins Cheerleader calendar, because the Dolphins Pro Shop has used its purchase to justify sending me marketing emails every three days. D'Oh!

Beep No I do not want to buy a Dolphins bib for my non-existent toddler Beep

Monday, March 26, 2007

Note to Liz:

Me too, actually. (Damn laziness).

Restricting travel between the world's largest trading partners in the name of the bullshit war on terrar is just stupid.

Beep Beep.
Note to ESPN Baseball Preview editors:

Velocity does NOT equal speed divided by time.

Beep idiots Beep
Note to Brian:

I would have to get a passport, wouldn't I.

Beep damn border insecurity guards beep

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Note to Brian:

I still have the hiccups.

Beep Beep.