Saturday, March 10, 2007

Note to all:

I am having trouble remembering the last sporting event of any kind that I last attended. It was probably the homecoming football game, which is less a sporting event (especially when it's Dartmouth playing) than a pre-drinking event. Anyway, other than that, it was likely women's hockey at Dartmouth, cause they kick ass.

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Friday, March 09, 2007

Note to all:

Survey question:

What was the last women's sporting event you attended in which yourself/friend/family was not participating?

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Note to those who realize that women play sports, too:

Clarifying Doug's post from earlier in the month, he was discussing Dartmouth Men's hockey's dominance, which was not made obvious unless you read all the way down to the 24th line of the post. Dartmouth Women's hockey is currently 27-4-2 -- a staggering .848 winning percentage -- and won ECAC's after beating 17-15-2 (.529) Colgate, Mr. Miller's alma mater, in the semi's. They are currently ranked third in the nation, and will play sixth-ranked Boston College (26-9-2, .706), Mr. Miller's former alma mater, on Saturday in the first round of NCAA's. The winner will go on to the Women's Frozen Four. This year, they have won the Ivy League and the ECACHL championships outright, while Dartmouth's men shared the Ivy title and are third in the ECACHL standings, compared to Colgate Men's shared eighth place. Colgate Women's hockey is currently fifth in the conference, by the way, and received exactly as many votes in USA Today's/USA Hockey Magazine's College Hockey Poll as the Dartmouth men did, which was 2. However, as the Women's poll only goes to 10 places, this would ostensibly put Colgate Women's hockey in 12th place in the national rankings. Colgate Men's hockey did not appear on their respective poll.

To recap: D-mouth Women (27-4-2, .848) -- Colgate Women (26-9-2, .706)
Dartmouth Men (16-10-3, .603) -- Colgate Men (15-19-4, .447)

Beep William, if you respond with "Fail to care," may your former NCAA Division I athlete sister run circles around you and generally make clear her athletic dominance within the family beep!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Note to Dr. Matty Y and Phys. Asst. Brian:

Sky successfully played in the La Liga playoffs tonight. Good news: No hand pain. Bad news: After a first round victory he got fucked up in his second game of the evening. Better news: Still no hand pain.

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Note to Sky:

Yes. Yes it is awesome when Lazy Mary randomly pops onto the iPod because it's on shuffle!

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Note to all:

Here are some recent predictions from Brian "I miss old blogger and am boycotting google-blogger" Holmberg and Sky "My torn up hand is only a flesh wound" Kalkman --

1. Brian, on Sky's post-injury chances in the greatest of Rochester sports, Paddle Tennis: Sky uses his time off due to injury to refocus and shake off his recent bout of poor form. He comes back strong, makes it to the Champions league final, but loses in a 3rd set tiebreak.

2. Brian, on Sky's chances in the exciting world of reality-competition television: Meanwhile, he makes it to the second round of the "Be the next Pussycat Doll" reality show, but gets voted off despite clearly having the better performance.

3. Sky, on his own chances in the exiting world of reality-competition television: I WILL BE the next Pussycat Doll.

4. Sky, on the American League (done with little to no research, as per our favoritist Rochester D and C columnist): Indians will win the AL Central, and the division generally disappoints. Baltimore is the surprise team in the AL, but still can't compete with the big two.

5. Brian, on the Yankees Per-season prospects, after having watched a mere 5 minutes of YES Network Spring Training coverage: In 2008, Philip Hughes, upon receiving his second Nobel in Medicine (for curing AIDS), having already been awarded the honor in 2007 for curing cancer, will announce that he has negotiated lasting peace in the Middle East. In addition, his plan for turning greenhouse gases into light hitting, low OBP, "classic leadoff hitters" will first lead to becoming Ned Colletti's right hand man, and later win him a spot as Vice President in the second Gore administration, which he will resign later to take over as Yankees captain after Derek Jeter ascends to heaven.

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Note to Sky:

Sweet, thanks for the info! I'm in, although I'm opting to go with the computerized draft option that worked so well for me in the fall.

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Note to baseball fans:

This is mostly for Doug and Brian, but Pammy and Lizzie might be interested, too. Matt, just keep your snide comments to yourself, and Kate, well, hi Kate.

If you're interested in joining a trash-talking, non-serious Yahoo fantasy baseball league with me, Frank, my brother and a few other Dartmouth nerds, click here.
id# 179041
pw: nintendo

Glorious past strategies include:
  • Pick only players from your favorite team (Brady)
  • Pick all cute players (a non-numbered Kate who's "MVP" was Benito Santiago)
  • Don't show up to the online draft, have the computer pick you a surprisingly decent team, and spend the year focused on the trash-talking trophy
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Note to baseball fans (and sports medicine doctors):

The ages of No. 4 through No. 7 hitters in yesterday's Mets spring training game adds up to 162 years old. And that doesn't even include starting pitcher Tom Terrific, who's 41. Somebody get the flex-all.

1) Damion Easley - 2B
2) Paul Lo Duca - DH
3) Carlos Beltran - CF
4) Moises Alou - LF
5) Shawn Green - RF
6) Julio Franco - 3B
7) Sandy Alomar, Jr. - C
8) Mike Carp - 1B
9) Anderson Hernandez - SS
SP - Tom Glavine

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