Thursday, January 25, 2007

Note Rhinos Fans (and Blitz fans):

Peter J. "PJ" Scheufele is a 2006 Graduate of Dartmouth College, located in scenic Hanover, NH, and is currently listed both as an alumn and under their "DCAD Admin" department.

He is also an idiot, as he listed his own last name, twice, as a blitz nickname.

As for his play on the soccer field, he is a 5'11, 160 lb., midfielder, or at least he was his freshman year. Prior to being drafted, he played for the Cape Cod Crusaders. More interestingly, he and a collaborator proposed an idea for a cleat guard to a Dartmouth Entrepreneurship contest. They lost to the "gyrobike."

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Note to Blitzers:

The Rhinos drafted someone named PJ Scheufele from The Dartmouth College. Can we get a scouting report?

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Note all:

My friend Jen was bored at work today, so I pointed her to (she's already a fan of FJM). Her comments were very complimentary, and she wanted to know why we stopped. She also expressed disbelief that the four of us were all competent writers and sports analysts. Anyhow, this sparked in me a thought. Let's get the band back together. Sky and Brian get the print edition of the Democrat & Chronicle*, and the rest of us have plenty of access to their website.

So what do you think, any takers?

Beep *Brian claims the D & C is ignoring his attempts to cancel his subscription Beep
Note to Brian:

Liz actually meant these type of Grills, but I thought it would be funnier to leave it ambiguos style. And based on your link, I was correct.

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Note to Pam:

The only way any of us will coach an NFL team is if Brad buys one. Do we know how he's doing with that?

Note to W:


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Note to Liz:

Yes, taking your ring off before sticking your hand under anyone's grill and fishing around IS a good rule to live by in general.

Beep I certainly hope Matty takes off his rings before surgery, anyways Beep

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Note to Everyone:

Consider yourselves on notice - you all have 5 years to become an NFL head coach

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