Thursday, December 13, 2007

Note to PPF:

"Hose" are those wretchedly uncomfortable things that my in-laws insist on buying me for Christmas every year that I promptly either throw out, or donate to some needy, hose-less person, because I hate them with every fiber of my being (seriously, do I look like a girl would would wear "hose"?) Although I did recently purchase a rather cute pair of printed "stockings" which are decidedly different than "hose"...but I digress... I think you should let them know exactly where they can put their "hose". I think your best bet is a nice "skort" or "culottes" which would have everyone fooled...What about a mini-skirt with leggings? I hear that is quite fashionable amongst the kids nowadays.

Also, I am trying to convince Cory we should come to your concert. I don't know if my efforts are going to be successful, but I am trying.

Beep Chuck Norris eats "hose" for breakfast beep.

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