Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Note to Beep Beepers:

Luckily, I still had the post Brian was referring to open in another tab. The full version is available on demand by emailing me, but here are some of the relevant quotes:

"the place is great and it is just renovated last is a wow latterly..."

"central square is 10 min walking ...were u can finde the best clubs in cimbride...Meddelsex ...Enormous Room and Midle east........omg what a crasy year i lived in Cambridge ....15 min walking u will be in the biggest shaws grossery market around boston and cambridge"

And, of course, the kicker:

"i'm a doctor and i was doing a research work at harverd medical school"

Note: all those ellipses are his, not mine.

Beep "Harverd," indeed Beep

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