Friday, December 29, 2006

Note to Pam: That video was, in fact, awesome.

Note to Brian: Do you think there is any chance they really did that all in one shot? I didn't see any obvious edits or cuts.

Note to Sky: Continue sucking it. I have your orange cone. HA HA HA!!

Beep That's a Lot of Notes B33P
Note to all:

I thought this was awesome. I also have a LOT of time on my hands today, so please entertain me.

Crazy Treadmills Video

Beep Beep

Note to all: Edited by Doug to make the link to the video work. Beep Take 2? Beep

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Note to All:

This weekend saw the successful execution of a daring Orange Cone heist. Whilst Sky was back in his old apartment gathering a few things, the Miller Family Van pulled up to the corner of East Ave and Park Ave in Rochester, and I silently slipped out of the front seat. Under the cover of broad daylight, I then jogged up to Sky's front door and clandestinely removed the gigantic orange cone that had been placed there on an earlier family raid. As I ran back to the car, the get away driver opened the sliding side door via remote. After securing the cargo in the back seat, the van easily turned onto East Ave, and headed towards home base. Not 15 minutes later, Sky Kalkman, aka Mr. I-Should-Have-Moved-The-Cone-Sooner, texted me that he had discovered the disappearance of the cone. But it was too late for him.

My only question is... Why wasn't Sky at work at 3pm on a Tuesday?!

Beep Eat It, Trabek! Beep