Thursday, November 23, 2006

Note to Liz:


Beep Beep

Monday, November 20, 2006

Note to, um, whomever cares:

He's 40 years old. 7.5 million?

Beep beep!
Note to Doug:

I thought you only held it last year to harass Janel. Since when has it become an annual event?

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Note to all:

In a sad turn of events for fans of the Great American Weigh-in (and, frankly, who isn't a fan), the Miller Family Thanksgiving 2006 has been scheduled for the Washington, D.C. area. That's right, for the first time in several years, I will not be home for theis greatest of American holidays. I was gonna tell my mom that I was coming home anyways, and that the rest of the family could go to D.C. without me, but Nancy (the sister) made it clear to me that she wouldn't let me get away with a stunt like that. So I relented.

Anyhow, the Great American Weigh-in can luckily be held Christmas Weekend, when I will, in fact, be back in the grand ole' Rochester. Perhaps we will also have Matt and Pam as well that weekend? Maybe sort of? Regardless, you are all welcome at 187 Hillrise on Christmas Eve for the Weigh-in, some Guitar Hero 2, and harassing my folks' dog.

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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Note to all:

If the neighbors complain about the noise, just keep turning it up until they move away.

Beep Beep.
Note to the Sports Guy:

Way to give L-squared some "dap" in your mailbag.

Beep I'd go ass-sliding with her any day beep!
Note to fans of the FC:

Just realized that my FireBobMatthews-inspired pseudonym is also appearing on the family Christmas list blog we started last year. Really looking forward to being asked by my aunts about "FireCrotchester".

Beep Great American Weigh-in on Wednesday or Thursday? Beep