Saturday, October 14, 2006

Note to Brian and Sky:

I don't know how many Skys are girls, but I know one male Sky (real name: Schuyler) and one female Sky (real name: Sky; her dad is a pilot). Anyhow, the point is that people who know that male Sky are really surprised that it could be used as a girl's name, and vice versa. Basically people have a hard time thinking outside the box.

Beep I also know a Lake named Schuyer Beep
Note to the Mets:

Perhaps pitching Guiermo Moto in 5 post-season games in a row was not the best plan. Why? Well, he was cast out of the Indians organization for being inept. Secondly, and more importantly, his name sounds like a motorola commerical. Think about it.

B33p Trachsel's pitching tonight, might need to drink heavily Beep
Note to all:

Crisp autumn weather is the perfect time to break out Makers Mark with hot tea and honey. And yes, I realize that if i just add lemon I'd have a hot toddie. But I didn't have lemon, okay?!

Beep Beep

Friday, October 13, 2006

Note to Sky:

How many of those are women?

Beep Beep
Note to all Skys out there:

Today I was yelled at by a secretary for telling her that my name was Scott on the phone but then switching it to Sky when I talked with her in person. Um, yeah, my bad. Idiot.

Beep there's actually a Sky Facebook group with 261 members Beep.
Note to Rochester riddle fans:

What's a ghost's favorite part of its garbage plate?

Before you look at the hilarious answer, I'd like to let everyone know that Kate enjoys licking her computer screen.

The Halloweenies!

Beep Yes, I made that up myself and I'm quite "proud" Beep.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Note to all:

Holy shitfuck!

Beep Guitar Hero 2 related. Beep.