Friday, June 30, 2006

Note to all:

Enjoy your long weekends. I'm off to the 'dacks to read, paddle, and not use a computer for a few days.

Beep Fireworks beep.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Note to Coco Crisp:

Nice Catch!

Beep Beep.
Note to Brian:

The plural of "Mr" is not "Mrs," but rather Messrs. And yes, I already fixed it for you in your FBM post.

Beep Beep
Note to Brian:

I don't know, you seemed like a less belligerent drunk to me. Of course, this may be because I have become a steadily more belligerent drunk over the last few years since graduating from college.

Beep Beep
Note to self:

You don't remember saying half of those beep beeps. Try not to do that often. Also, you are not as funny as you think you are.

Beep Beep

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Note to Announcer guy on SNY:

The DH is used by every other baseball league in the universe; it is not "weird."

Beep Beep.
Note to Pam:

New Brian and old Brian are the same person; there is no new Brian.

Corinne confirmed this by noticing that I was a juvenile asshole after only a few days. (Actually, she said something about me reminding her of a character from American Pie, which I haven't actually seen but played along with because I figured the conversation would be a disaster as soon as she said "You know who you remind me of?" Anyway, I think the point was that I was a juvenile asshole.)

Beep Work in progress. Beep.
Note to all:

We are f*ing drunken comic geniuses.

Beep *<>* beep.
Beep beeps from Millerstock 2k6...

Note to self: Always play a warm-up game. Beep beep. -Liz

Note to Sky: I just saw you trip. What a loser. Beep beep. -Pammy

Note to Sky: Did your drum logo get painted in the '80s? Beep beep. -Pammy

Note to self: Catherine looks like Andi McDowell. With blonde hair. Beep beep. -Pammy

Note to beep beep: Make it stop! Beep beep. -unknown

Note to Sky: Uh, what the fuck are you doing? Beep beep. -Pammy

Note to Sky: Your headband does not look cool. Beep beep. -Pammy

Note to Sky: I don't know where the stop button is and where the play button is. Beep beep. -Pammy

Note to everybody: Buy the Wall of Boobs a trampoline. Beep beep. -LizMc

Note to Doug: Red hat and faded maroon shirt do not go together. Beep beep. -LizMc

Note to Sky: This is what's in my pocket. Beep beep. -Pammy

Scotty Sherrirrerrssherrersh recommends xylotol as a non-decay-inducing sugar. Beep beep. -Kate

Knob Creek/drunk Kate is the new Old Brian. Beep beep. -Kate

Note to self: When did Brian decide to get rid of the old Brian? Beep beep. -Pammy

Note to self: Mohammad is a fantastic pong partner. Or Beirut, or cups, or whatever we call this silly little game. Beep beep. -Sky

Fuck. Beep Beep. Beep beep. -Sky

Hi Sky. {something in Arabic}. That means "welcome" in Arabic. So it was so nice to play ping pong with you today. Thank you. Beep beep. -Mohammad.

Beep Still recovering beep.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Note to Doug:

I don't have any room in my apartment for that gigantic-ass cone.

Beep You'll pay... beep.